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We specialize in web development and content strategy for small businesses, editing web content or original writing and social media marketing integration— which helps your business gain a precise target audience.

We also offer individual technical training and personal coaching to help you advance your computer skills— or, as we'd like to say, to become a savvy technologist.


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My work history:

Currently, Professor at Westfield State University in the Accounting and Business Management Department.


  • Visiting Professor and Adviser to International Graduate Students, Bay Path University, Longmeadow, MA

  • Academic, higher-education lecturer: Emerson College, Communications Department.

  • Academic, higher-education lecturer, New England Institute of Art:

  • Academic, higher-education lecturer, Massachusetts Communications College.

  • Blogger-extraordinaire since 2007: (

  • Branding specialist / content strategist: ( ( (

  • Innovator (Health Navigator)

  • See resume for the following:

    • Presentation and public speaking expertise

    • Project manager

    • Promotions manager

    • Technology coach (Microsoft Certification Instructor)

    • Trainer

    • Writer: Information Mapping (C)


Contact Me:


Phone: 413-374-7891

My Philosophy

Because we are a small consulting group that has to keep moving forward client by client — we always try to leave our clients' technical skills better than we have found them so that they can be independent and do their own maintenance.


 "When you don't want me, but need me — I will stay; when you don't need me, but want me — I must go."

                 ~ From the movie, "Nanny McPhee" ~ Emma Thompson


Public Relations Awards that I've Won:

  • First Prize, Excellence Award for Direct Marketing, Eastern Division of BCBS Public Relations and Advertising Executives

  • Honorable Mention, Excellence Communication Award, Eastern Division of BCBS Public Relations and Advertising Executives

Multimedia Development Awards that I've Won: 

  • First in Class, International Multimedia Award, New York Media Festival

  • First In Class, Summit Award, International Interactive Communication Society

  • Finalist, Interactive Kiosk, Marcom Awards for Business Marketing, Advertising Age Magazine

  • Gold Award (Best In Category), Kiosk Class, New Media Invision Awards, New Media Magazine

  • Gold Award (Best in Show), Multimedia Kiosk Development, Cascade Award, Northwest Multimedia

CASE STUDY: The Health Navigator Kiosk (TM)


As a member of the initial development team for the award-winning “Health Navigator Kiosk” — the first ATM-like, interactive kiosk in the United States. Our team won over a half dozen national awards including “First in Class” (1995) for International Multimedia from New York Media Festival and recognition as a finalist for Interactive Kiosk development from Advertising Age magazine.

Training and Teaching:

Teaching has been a big part of my schedule over the past 15 years.  Currently, I am teaching as a Professor at Westfield State University in the Business  Management Department. I have also taught at Emerson College in Boston. Teaching has been a great opportunity for my presentation skill set (I love to TALK), and I honestly learn as much from my students as they do from me.  This is a wonderful collaboration.  I like to think that I am able to infuse my students with a bit of business acumen while they excite me with their constant energy, love of learning and practical knowledge.  It is a perfect symbiotic relationship.

Information Architect:

Prior to joining the staff at The New England Art Institute, I spent much of my time performing information architecture duties on the web, particularly in converting large legacy systems  to customer service web interfaces.  I have taught courses in information architecture and this has been one of my favorite things to teach.  

Content Strategist:

“Content Strategy” has become a recent buzz-word in the web development process for most large to mid-sized websites. But I say it should also be a part of small business websites, too.    At a recent “An Event Apart” conference, Kristina Halvorson did an amazing presentation about content strategy and her successful consultancy.

I have re-tuned my approach to work with a new focus in mind. It’s not only enough to create a nicely designed website with good hierarchy — but you MUST also think about how ALL of your content comes together inside and outside your website.

Recently, Ms. Halvorson published the second edition of her famous book — titled: “Content Strategy.” I have briefly reviewed it in my tech-blog and I believe that this area is where much of the new focus on web development will be concentrating


Recently, I have been using a new online software program called (not com). It allows you to make infographics at the click of a finger. Truly easy to use. The image below is my visual cover letter.

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