A little knowledge goes a long way . . . creating targeted, unique websites and content strategy and increasing your ability to become a savvy technologist . . .

Welcome to Inc.

We specialize in web development and content strategy for small businesses, editing web content or original writing and social media marketing integration— which helps your business gain a precise target audience.

We also offer individual technical training and personal coaching to help you advance your computer skills— or, as we'd like to say, to become a savvy technologist. (doing business as GriffGraff) has over 20 years experience working on various print and online content strategy, including creating professional presentations.

  • During that time GriffGraff has won numerous awards for content and multimedia development
  • Our content development is focused on developing easy to read, focused on target markets, keyword search compliant with targeted actionable results.
  • Our offering includes professional website development for small businesses — and our requirements and rates are reasonable and competitive.
  • Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn), are part of our Web site development process. We will show you how to integrate your media message into a coordinated social media effort.
  • We also can create professional presentations in either Prezi, PowerPoint or Keynote that will give you a leg-up on your competition.
  • We are experts at Information Mapping, and have been practicing this for over 20 years.

Personal Technical Coaching

  • We offer personal coaching in the use of technology, either Mac, Google or Microsoft systems.
  • We offer a four week public speaking course that will improve your public speaking capabilities that we guarantee your speaking skills will improve.
  • Please see our blog, which has been written and maintained since 2007, and which can expose you to our knowledge-base and interests.