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Celebrating 50+ Years of Dedicated Coaching


It all started when. . .

. . . A man by the name of Dan Lengeiza, over 50 years ago, decided to coach cross-country, winter track and track and field at Holyoke Catholic High School (HCHS). Within several years of that decision, Dan "Rudi" Lengeiza's cross-country team had become Number One in both the Valley League and Western Mass and 10th in the overall State stats. He also had runners who had won every one of their events --- two years in a row.

So, please come and honor Rudi on:

April 7th from 6-10 PM

At the WhereHouse in Holyoke

Donation: $50.oo

Appetizers, Cash Bar

Click HERE to order tickets.


We are trying to raise money for a bronze plaque to be placed at Whiting Reservoir in honor of Coach Dan "Rudi" Lengeiza. If you can help in any way by donating services or gifts for a raffle please email me at