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HCHS'73 45th Reunion Page

Save the date: We are now shooting for one of Two weekends IN September ( 21-22-23, or 28-29-30) based upon venue and availability. 

Stay-tuned to the station.

Venue- The reunion will be at one of these locations:

1. Stanley Park (Westfield, MA) - In the Pavilion with Hamel's Catering (Picnic Format) --- large venue for many activities.

2. Summit View (Holyoke, MA) - Outside venue --- picnic format.

3. Dockside Restaurant (South Hadley) --- Late afternoon evening event with a steamship cocktail hour on the Connecticut River.

4. Tekoa Country Club (Westfield, MA) --- We'll be able to do a morning Golf Tournament with an afternoon Luncheon.


I am looking for help with committees:

(By the way, you won't have to go to stupid meetings if you want to help out --- just take my direction, and do it in the privacy of your home.  And thank you everyone who has stepped up to help out! You guys are great!!!!)

  • I'm asking Mary McTigue and Marian Kennedy to be our class historians --- If you have ideas let me know and I will give them to Mary and Marian.

  • Ellen Moriarty Robbins has agreed to be our treasurer. Thanks, Ellen!
  • We are going to have a silent auction and Peggy O'Neill Devito is interested in doing this, she's wondering if Eileen Healy Driscoll  and Kathy Hogan Frigoletti wants to join her???? 

  • Annie Brunelle Jenks is going to head up the Hospitality Table, just helping people after they've registered. Also giving them a Welcome Bag! I need multiple volunteers for this so please help Annie out! So far, she'll be helped out by Kathy Brent Pateracki!

  • Maura Connor Mooney and her team will be heading up the Golf Tournament the morning of the reunion. They'll be arranging the teams and the awards. Thanks, Ladies!

  • Helen Loftus-Perri will be in charge of Registration, checking people in; she needs volunteers for her team! C'mon! So far, she'll be helped out by Sue Barowsky Garton.

  • Finally, Jim Kennedy is going to coordinate some fun activities  with me ---  We'll be doing this together before and after dinner. 

  • I need someone to do the Decorations, I have specific things in mind, just need a volunteer. (Hey! Gail Gubala Griffin, this is right up your alley?)



The Silent Auction is meant to pad our reunion bank account for future events and also give to a charitable event in our name! Please be generous!

  1. Watercolor Painting: The Cardinal
  2. Watercolor Painting: American Goldfinch
  3. Wine Basket with Wine Tools
  4. $25 Gift Card to Home Depot
  5. Artwork from Eva Zang Design
  6. One website creation: via GriffGraff
  7. DNA Test
  8. Two Celtics tickets for the 2018 Season (starting in October)

If you need to send me something, please use the following address; otherwise, bring your donation to the reunion:

Mr. Rob Griffin, P.O. Box 668, Westfield, MA. 01086-0668


Either text me at 413-374-7891 or private message me via Facebook. Remember, the success of this event is dependent upon your volunteering!